Our Mission

Graduation numbers don’t concern us, but the quality of our graduates does.  That’s why our mission is to equip students technically and professionally. With USAeroTech, you’ll be provided with the highest levels of technical training. We do this by creating a spirit of excellence around our academics, instructors and facilities. More importantly, we put you in an environment with the rigors and demands to help you succeed in whatever aviation field you head into — be it general, corporate, commercial, or missionary. Our vision is clear: We want to produce highly sought after Aviation Maintenance Technicians.

Our Leadership

With more than 100 years of combined teaching experience, our instructors offer unparalleled skill and wisdom to be handed down to the next generation of AMT’s. But what really sets us apart is our dedication to see each student grow in the areas of aviation mechanics.

Mark Spang

I remember my first airplane ride at 6 years old, and I remember working with my dad preflighting military aircraft in my teens. Later, I served in the Air Force as a Crew Chief and a Mechanic Instructor. My greatest pleasure includes watching people as they learn something new, and I’m very humbled to be involved in their aviation education.

Brett Zukowski

I have been fascinated with aviation since childhood. Over the last 30 years I’ve been privileged to work as pilot, mechanic, and instructor in general aviation, missionary aviation, and the regional airlines. My greatest privilege is teaching aviation because teaching allows me to have an influence in the lives and careers of others.

Mike Gonzales

My flying career began in the baggage compartment of my Grandfathers Cessna 150 when I was old enough to remember. Since then I have had a passion to fly and it has never ceased. My degree is in Business & Commercial Aviation and I have been teaching for 12 years.  I have the most exciting job in that I get to see others realize their dreams by becoming professional pilots.

Our Facilities

Our Expectations

At USAeroTech, we desire to graduate Aviation Maintenance Technicians who not only display the skillful expertise of their craft, but also carry themselves with the personal appearance and integrity worthy of the field. We promote the character qualities of punctuality, teachability, honesty, motivation, and accountability.

Clearly, we are not a school for everyone. We are a school for those who desire to be the best!

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Our Location

We are located right on the Greenville Downtown Airport at:

10 Opportunity Place, Greenville, SC 29607, United States

USAeroTech Institute LLC makes no claim or guarantee that credit earned will transfer to another institution.