FedEx Donates 727 for Training Future Mechanics

FedEx Donates 727 for Training Future Mechanics

USAeroTech sets new standard for South Carolina aircraft maintenance training.

In June of 2013, FedEx generously donated one of its Boeing 727 aircraft to us. This allows USAeroTech to give students hands-on training with large aircraft — training available nowhere else in South Carolina.

How We Got It

USAeroTech Institute was introduced to one of FedEx’s pilots and were told of FedEx donating some of its outgoing fleet for educational purposes. At the pilot’s encouragement, we completed an application and submitted it to FedEx. A few weeks later, we received a phone call from FedEx saying we had been awarded a Boeing 727-200 cargo aircraft.

How We Use It

Most schools have to teach transport category aircraft concepts on a whiteboard or using a projector. Not so at USAeroTech – not any more. Students now receive hands-on training that will give them a more comprehensive and immediate understanding of the intricacies of large transport category aircraft. This will serve to enhance students’ future employability.

Further, instructors are now able to teach operational procedures on hardware rather than videos and textbooks alone.

The Greenville Fire Department Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Division have use of this aircraft for training purposes. They will use the jetliner to stage training scenarios and programs required by governing authorities.

We are truly grateful to FedEx for their kind donation and look forward to putting it to great use in expanding the educational opportunities USAeroTech Institute students receive.